Dreaming Out Loud

Recently I attended an Entrepreneur Mentorship Retreat weekend at the lovely Green Gate Guest House. It was a small group, and the ideas and passion that flowed forth were inspiring to say the least. I came out of it completely revved up with possibilities for the future – for myself, for the other participants, for the world!

And then…and then, I returned to reality. Sometimes the reality is that we don’t share our wild hopes, dreams and ideas for the future with our loved ones. The reality of reality is that we all look at life differently – some of us are anchored in the here and look at how these wild ideas might affect us, and others of us HAVE the wild ideas that they need to percolate (in safe spaces like an entrepreneur weekend with other like-minded individuals – our “tribe” if I may borrow that word), knowing deep down that maybe only one of the 15 ideas talked about may actually come to fruition.

My point? We ALL need that space to think out loud. To dream. To say things that perhaps aren’t acceptable to others around us even if they know inside that’s how we feel. I’m getting to the correlation here, stay with me. 🙂 

Organizing sessions are often that space – we talk about goals for the space, for time management, for decluttering our lives, for business growth – whatever is on the mind of the client. It’s a safe, judgement free environment, and trust me, I can get just as excited about the potential as the client does! And then, we take the next step – we plan. We set tiny, bite sized goals.

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